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Snyder Magazines

  a division of Snyder Fabrication LLC

High capacity, extended magazines for Savage Rifles

                                                 (Axis/Edge , 10, 11, 12, 14 & 16)

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* Due to US Export Laws, we only ship to addresses within the United States.

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Whenever we get customer comments, good or bad, we post them here. Some of these are also posted on forums under Savage extended magazines. If you would like to comment, send us a mail through our contact page. Ultimately, our customers are our best Research and Development Department!

From Donnie, (RatMag) at He used to make these .308 10-rounders and tested our design for us before we put it up for sale, and here is what he had to say.

OK, after giving the magazine a good 'ol fashioned kick in the seat... I think we have us a winner!!

I contacted Tom concerning the 243/308 magazine that he sent me... for my birthday no less!! LOL... and here is what came from it. There was a slight hang up while loading and cycling the rifle, between rounds 4 & 5. This only occured when cycling the rifle by hand. During our outing, the recoil of the rifle took care of the slight hang up, and it cycled fine.

I took the magazine apart, and slightly rounded the edges of the magazine follower. I put the magazine back together, and she loads and functions flawlessly now. I made my suggestions to Tom, and he told me that he was incorporating the changes into his magazine design. I have to say, he has done a great job with it!!

I would also like to mention, Tom has added a small piece of steel to the front of the magazine body to support the magazine band. This is a great addition to a solid design, and it has made the magazine AWESOME!! I have to say, Tom has got himself a WINNER on his hands!! Tom is good to go to take care of your magazine needs for the Savage Axis/Edge rifles... AND ALSO... The front magazine release tab can be removed to use with the Model 10, 11, 12, 14, & 16 rifles!!!!

Great guy, great magazine, great cause!!   ... DK

Also from Donnie, who we asked to check out our 204/223 magazine for us and make any suggestions:

OK Gang, I got my hands on the 204/223 magazine from Tom. All I can say is WOW!! Tom, my hats off to ya Buddy, you do some great work!! The 204/223 magazine snaps into place perfectly, and the rounds cycle through it like melted butter!! I have to give you guys 2 HUGE thumbs up for some great products!!

Keep the 2nd Amendment strong, and keep them barrels warm!! Carry on...


From Bob, who bought a 10-round mag for his Axis XP II  7mm-08 (and sent us the picture at left):

Thank you! Job well done! 10 round mag is perfect for the range! I use it on Axis XP II, 7mm-08. It reloads quickly, even had 11 rounds in by error, but worked flawlessly! Not one error after nearly 100 rounds. Half were match-grade reloads. Thanks a lot for the workmanship! One word: Excellent!

From Warren, who uses his 15-round .223 in a Boyd's stock: Tom and Terri,  I got the magazine...I have a savage in the original stock and one in a boyds tacticool functions flawlessly in fact it fits the tacticool stock better than the original...I see a 308 coming soon and I will be in touch...the turn around time was no problem...been waiting for a mauser bolt for

From Mike, who bought a .223 and a .308 (sent us the photo above of the .308)

Hi there just letting you know I got my magazines today in the mail. They are perfect! They fit with no issues whatsoever and everything cycled great. I'm am very happy with the purchase and I'm sure myself and my other friends who own savages will be purchasing from you in the future. Thanks again for the top quality work!

From Gene who ordered two .223 magazines: Just received the two mags and both fit very well in my Savage Axis II. I would definitely recommend you to whomever I believe can use your services.
I will let you know how they work out in a few days when I spend some time at the range. The workmanship is awesome and once again, thanks for your fine product.  -- Gene

Tom M., who gave us great feedback AND suggestions...

 I received the magazines and I have to say they look awesome! Excellent work and beautifully crafted.

I cycled ammo through the rifle and had one small issue with one of the two mags. One does not feed the tenth round. As I close the bolt on the tenth round it slides under the bolt after moving forward about 1/2" forward. At first I thought maybe the spring wasn't strong enough, but after fiddling with it I noticed it will feed if I lift the front of the mag. Comparing it with the other mag, I noticed the mag in question locks in place, but can be further pressed in about another .040". The mag that feeds all ten rounds locks in place and can go no further into the stock. Is this something I can remedy myself or do I need to return it for you to handle.

I am totally happy with these mags and in no way am I disappointed. I realize the each rifle there are going to be little differences that affect function. I think the locking clip just needs to be a little lower from the top of the magazine to cycle the tenth round. Let me know what can be done to correct this.

Note from Tom Snyder: We appreciated Tom M's. feedback and talked on the phone with him several times. He sent the magazine back and we repaired the issue for him. As a result of what he was seeing in his gun, and talking with him, we actually made a slight change in the .308s and they work even better now! This is why feedback from our customers is so important. We are constantly trying to improve our products.

Second message from Tom M....

Sometimes it's difficult to get customer feed back that is useful in improving a product, so I'm glad I was able to help. I'm hoping when the weather gets warmer and I'm able to get to the outdoor range, your magazine will generate interest and more sales for you. I will certainly pass along your name when asked. I greatly appreciate all you have done for me and it's been a pleasure working with you. I wish you both the best of luck in life.

From Mike H. in Indiana who appreciates our "Made In America" products....

Dear Tom and Terri,   I recieved my magazine yesterday. Thank you for the very prompt shipment. I'm traveling to Iowa next week to my daughters home for the holiday and I'll be doing some target shooting with my son in law. I'm looking forward to trying the new magazine while I'm there. The workmanship on the magazine is 1st class. Fit and finish is very good. I found out about  your product on the internet while reading a forum about Savage Axis magazines, but can't remember the website. Old age I guess. Thanks again for offering a quality product that's Made in America!

Recent short mails from our Great Customers....

From Kent: Terrific product, worked flawlessly right out of the box. Thanks.

From Scott: I got 1 of the 15 round mags for my savage axis in .223 in 2014--took ot out for the 1st. time in it's life in june of this year--functioned flawlessly--money well spent on a mag.

From Brandon: You are ROCK STARS!! Thank you for the painless transaction! I can't wait to test them

From Arick:I received your Savage Axis 15 round mags in .223. I immediately tried them both and they were wonderful. The springs were tight, the construction was extremely solid, and the fit into the mag well was exactly as described in your included directions. Your magazines are clearly crafted with love. Thank you.

From Larry: Magazine arrived today in the mail. I snaps into place perfectly and cycles smoothly. The look and appearance far exceed my expectations; this is a high quality product. Thank you so very much.

From Robert, who sent a photo of his rifle: Excellent fit , loads excellent , cycles excellent cannot wait to take it to the range ! Thanks Tom and Terri

From Bryan, in Michigan:

Received my new 15 rd mag for the savage axis .223 yesterday. Upon initially looking it over I could tell it was very well manufactured. The welds look great, and the matt black paint is even better than original.

Today we hit 60° here in mid Michigan, so of course I had to head to the sportsmanship club and try out the new magazine. I fired a total of 80 shots, all 55 grain fmj ,from 3 different brands. Every shot fed perfect. No jams or miss feeds at all. I even loaded up 15rds and cycled the bolt as fast as I could while staying on problems at all! Mag fit the rifle very well with no mag wobble at all.

I am beyond pleased with the purchase. Well worth the money to have a quality built mag that lets me shoot longer between re-loads.

Thank you very much!

almost 9 that is one of those "you just have to laugh" situations...I guess. Thank you, Warren (Note: we have instructions for a minor modification that you guys can use to make our magazines work in a Boyd's.)

From Chris, who had some issues with his Savage magazines dropping out of his rifle. We were able to fix the problem for him by making adjustments to one of our magazines, and we exchanged several e-mails during the process. His last e-mail is below:

I appreciate all the help. I didn't notice it had an issue with the cartridges. If I need anything else I'll definitely be returning to you for business. You guys have been very responsive, informative, and active on backing up your product. Thanks again!

From Erik, in Georgia:

Hi you all, Thursday noon and the mail just delivered my Mags, for my savage. I installed both, just like you told me to and they work GREAT!!! A++++ from me on feedback.

Both mags install in the receiver and feed just like they should !

Thank you for you work (MAC)

From Dennis, in California, who bought three .308s: I loaded one of the magazines and inserted it into the gun. I then loaded and unloaded all ten rounds. Everything operated the way it should. I will be going out this Saturday to do some target practice. Again I will let you know how it goes but as of now I can’t believe they will not work as intended. Thank you very much for you expertise and attention to detail. I am a very happy customer.

From Tony, who sent this photo of his magazines:



From Dave, in California:

Hi Tom and Terri, I'm happy to let you know that my package was delivered to one of my neighbors. It was addressed correctly, just delivered to the wrong house. I tested the magazines as far as loading them and cycling rounds through my rifle. All worked well. Thank you for your innovation and great products!