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Snyder Magazines
Snyder Magazines
Snyder Magazines

Snyder Magazines

  a division of Snyder Fabrication LLC

High capacity, extended magazines for Savage Rifles

                                                 (Axis/Edge , 10, 11, 12, 14 & 16)

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Do you take telephone orders?

We're sorry, but no. Our website order form includes a disclaimer that must be checked for us to accept an order.

Do you take credit cards or Paypal?

No, we cannot. Some credit cards and also Paypal have restrictions on making purchases of gun-related items. We only take payment by money order.

Are your magazines complete units or do I need to send my current magazine for conversion?

Snyder Magazines offers both options. You can purchase a complete magazine ready to snap in and use, or you can send us your original Savage magazine for us to convert. The price is less for conversions.

Do you make magazines for models other than the Axis?

Yes, we make extended magazines for all short action Savage rifles that use a detachable box magazine with a plastic bottom plate. This includes the models 10 through 16, the Axis, the Axis II, and the Edge. If you are in doubt, please send us a contact e-mail and ask.

How can I tell if my rifle is long action or short action?

Long action Savage rifles are those with 3-digit model numbers (Savage 111, 112, 116, etc.). We do not make magazines for these because we are so busy with the short actions there's no  time to develop long actions.

Short action Savage rifles are those with 2-digit model numbers (Savage 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, etc.) along with the Savage Axis, Axis II, and Edge. We produce magazines for the .308 family of cartridges which includes the .243/.308 WIN/.260 REM/.250 SAV/.300 SAV/.260 REM/7mm-08 REM/6.5 Creedmore in this action range.

Can I use your magazines with a Boyd's stock?

Our magazines are designed for use with the original Savage stocks and we do not guarantee their function with any aftermarket stocks. However, we do have customers using them successfully, and also have a quick "fix" that can be made on the magazine itself to make it work with a Boyd's. The fix must be done by the customer so we still cannot make any guarantees.

Why are your magazines expensive?

We put a lot of time and machine work into every magazine that Snyder Magazines produces. We have developed a dependable process and we test every magazine in our own rifles before we ship them out. We produce a very high quality magazine that's dependable and reliable for years of service.

Our magazines are warranted for 30 days against manufacturing defects. And if a customer is having trouble, we will always work with you to correct any problems. We want our customers to be completely satisfied.

Cheaper magazines are available but they are not made with the same care or craftsmanship, and the customer gets stuck with a magazine that doesn't work well at all.


Frequently Asked Questions

* Due to US Export Laws, we only ship to addresses within the United States.